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Atlanta Thrashers Concept


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Other NHL Concepts:

Anaheim Ducks

Here was my first try at a Thrashers concept: Link

Ok so what I changed was:

Removing arrows from socks

Removing different colored nameplate

Changing alt completely, I added the Y logo and a new striping pattern.

Made the ATLANTA script better.

For the road jersey's lettering for "Hossa" I used the official script letters, but I think I messed that up.


That's about it, I'm not sure a new thread was needed for this, but anyways, all C&C is wanted. :flagcanada:

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I think you accidentally made "Atlanta" wrong in all views, whereas before it was right on the front view, but wrong on the back.

Think of a player standing there with the uniform on, arms down. "Atlanta" should read from the top to the bottom--the way you have it on this one it's upside down.

Good update, though.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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