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Carolina panthers "prototype" jersey?


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yes, it's an "unofficial knockoff". it is not Kevin Greene's number or during the time when he was here. 95 is the first year of play for the Panthers. KG was here in 96, left to SF for 97, then played again in 98 and 99. his no was 91.

it is a nice replica, i may jump in on it.

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It actually looks more like a Jaguars prototype than a Panthers prototype...the colors look much more like the Jags than the Panthers...

And, the shoulder logo (although it's a bit hard to see) also looks somewhat like the Jags prototype logo.


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if you search the seller's other items, all of it is "vintage".  would that classify as "worn"?

also what size does a 44 compare to (M, L, XL)?

In the land of ebay, "vintage" means it's older than today.   :(

I figure a 42-44 as L, 38-40 as M, 46-48 as XL.

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Hey - that's the Scarecrow, not the TinMan!

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