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NXBL - National Xtrem Baseball League


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It's billing itself as baseball evolved and it's way too crazy to ever take hold. Their goals are way to lofty.

2007: Exhibition games to gain interest

2008: Nationwide league with up to 30 cities

2009: International league

They already have 5 scheduled exhibition games in the Orlando area (4 at Tinker and 1 in Sanford at Memorial Stadium).

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:blink: wtf, this is very confusing, are you to tell me they both play at the same time??? Yeah, i'd take my chances with Arena Baseball

That's actually an intriguing concept you have there. It seems to mix in some cricket rules also (number of pitches determine innings).

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Southern Division

Orlando Dragons

Miami Pythons

Jacksonville Rebels

Tampa Bay Black Sox

Atlanta Confederates

South Carolina Blue Birds

East Division

New York MinuteMen

Philadelphia/PA Pioneers

North Carolina Lumberjacks

Richmond Radicals

Boston Renegades

New Jersey Comets

Baltimore Blackbirds

Central Division

Nashville Sparrows

Cleveland Crows

Chicago Shadows

St Louis X-Men

Indianapolis Mohicans

Green Bay Tomahawks

Minnesota Miracles

Cincinnati Blitz

West Division

Arizona Sidewinders

Colorado Cliffhangers

California Cobras

LasVegas Goldminers

Texas Roadrunners

Seattle Stars

San Diego Horizons

Oh, this is all just so deliciously bad.

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I thought Charlotte Krunk was a bad name (and it most certainly is), but some names that immediately jump out as horrible...

Atlanta Confederates....'nuff said about that one.

Tampa Bay Black Sox....like the sport of baseball would want that memory back....

Cincinnati Blitz....shouldn't that be an Arena Football League team name?

Boston Renigades....with the misspelling and all....

Nashville Sparrows....who would be intimidated by the "Sparrows"?

New York MinuteMen....wasn't minutemen more of a Boston thing?

so yeah....there are really not very many good things in this baseball league at all....definitely worse than the current ABA and XFL. At least the XFL names made some sense....

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