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Capn89's Buried Treasure/Junk


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I've decided to try and clean up a lot of my old NHL 2002 concept files. Perhaps update some designs, overhaul or make new concepts all together. Not really sure, right now. What I am sure of is I've decided to share some of the old files from random places that I've dug through on my very jumbled "Jersey CDs."

So for your pain or pleasure, I bring you Volume 1.

Many years ago I had a fantasy league which no one really cared about, and I had such grand ideas for something that never really got off the ground. The league was supposed to feature typical GM vs GM play with an off season twist where GMs could challenge "Elite International Teams" to gain (or lose) valuable skill points. So here in Vol. 1, I'll begin by sharing one of said teams.

Sweden Elite Home


Sweden Elite Away


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