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Do as they said above and make the "NY" on the hat orange and this will be great, and get rid of the "NY" on the pants too. It's unnecessary.

Okay I took the C&C and I switched the colors..okay I hope that this is better


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The # on the front seems kind of low compared to the logo on the left... maybe make them the same size or drop the # completely. Also, I'd look at the size/placement of the name/number on the back. They both seem way too small.

But the second is definitely an improvement over the first. Also, why is the NY grey? I could see white, maybe with an orange brim or orange, but grey seems out of place.

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I actually really like this, but I would put a thin white outline around the numbers.

Okay I strive for perfection...so I added the thin white outline got rid of the grey and now im waiting for my score judges.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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