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Cardinals sketch


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there are too many pointy thing and if you try to stich that it wouldn't work, so the rinting and stiching logo wouldn't look the same. The outline should (from looking at other NFL logos) be same point size all the way around, and pointy logo with round outline just don't go toghether. At the point where eye and eyebrow meet you have intersecting path, which is not what designers do. i agree the eye needs work, but never do intersecting path. Also pick Pantone color, and then use tints to do the differnt reds, so let's say one would be Pantone 200 CVC and the other would be 80% of that Pantone. Those two reds that you have just don't match.

Just some points from my perspective, not a criticizm.

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KC!  Where've you been?  We've missed you...

Anyway, I agree with K.C.  Good job JQK, but maybe try two Reds that match better with each other.  How about 202 C (the Cardinals' former shade of Red, and maybe 200 C?

Just a thought.  I'm not a graphic designer myself, so take whatever I suggest with a grain of salt...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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