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USFL.INFO: 25 Questions

Mac the Knife

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As many of you know, I'm currently working on USFL.INFO, a comprehensive web site about the United States Football League of the 1980's.

While work on it continues in preparation for its May 11 launch, I'm planning a segment that will be added periodically called "25 Questions," where I contact someone who had involvement in the USFL and ask them, well, 25 questions about the league, their experience in it, and so forth.

I have a number of potential subjects to interview (over 30 currently), but am hoping to get in touch with one in particular - the founder of the USFL, David Dixon. The only problem is that with the time I'm spending putting the initial site together, I haven't time to think up 25 questions - for him or any of my other potential subjects.

Consequently I thought it'd be an idea to have members of the CCSLC come up with potential USFL-related interview questions, for Mr. Dixon, or for anyone else you might think worthy of my tracking down and quizzing.

So if there's a USFL-related question you'd like to ask, please post here with:

(1) Who you'd like the question asked of (Mr. Dixon, one of the team owners, a particular player or coach, whoever); and

(2) The question you'd like to ask.

Of course I can't say that your question will be answered (or even asked), as I may or may not be successful in establishing contact with any given subject. I look forward to seeing your responses!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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