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Capn89's Buried Treasure/Junk


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Where did you get the tempate/pix

those jerseys are awesome

Man, you never like to see a beaver that's been all abused and beaten up like that...

oooooh ZING! lol

is it road kill?

Thank you :) And to the ZING part, I'm not sure he wasn't talking about a slang meaning behind beaver, but I could be wrong. lol That's how I interpreted it.

I'm sure I've already seen this logo somewhere...

Did you took it from NHL 2006 team creator or something like this ?

The jerseys are pretty cool tough.

Yeah, I think the logo is from some version of EA's NHL something. Not sure what year. It's recolored and such, but it's the logo.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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