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Need logo for a fantasy hockey team


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Hello eveybody,

I want to create a fantasy hockey team to eventually enter a fantasy league some day. I have a concept in mind but I'm don't have the tools AND the skills the make the logo I have in mind, so I'm just posting some info about the logo I want and if somebody wants to give a try, that would be apreciate ! Don't worry about the jerseys I want to make them myself. So he're is the deal :

Name : Patriotes de Québec (Quebec Patriots)

Logo : A middle-age man with a determined look, looking severely forward, with his right arm up, hand open, maybe in the same angle than the images below (this is the guy I want to represent on my logo, Louis-Joseph Papineau, a great orator, father of the Révolte des patriotes of 1837). I'd like if we could see a part of his chest (to see his clothing a bit), but mostly his head and his arm raised, like on the statue image.



Here's a great picture of Papineau:


Colors for the logo :


or with these colors if it looks better (flag of the Parti patriote du Bas-Canada, 1837)


For the rest, I trust your imagination ! :P

Thanks if someone wants to try ! PM me for more info.

Good day !

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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