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CIFL Team Uniforms


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Amid my USL logo concept phase, I thought I'd show the world the unis of the CIFL (Continental Indoor Football League). Some are traditional, some are unique, but most are nice overall.

Chesapeake Tide

Chicago Slaughter

Kalamazoo Xplosion

Lehigh Valley Outlawz

Marion Mayhem

Muskegon Thunder

Miami Valley Silverbacks

New England Surge

New York-New Jersey Revolution

Port Huron Pirates

Rochester Raiders

Springfield Stallions

Steubenville Stampede

Summit County Rumble

My favorites are Marion, Steubenville, and Muskegon. There is an overuse of black I know, but that's the age we live in. Chicago was supposed to have silver helmets and pants, but went with the black instead, why I don't know. Marion was supposed to be green, but went with navy, but it has grown on me greatly.

Let me know your thoughts, which ones you like and dislike, especially the ketchup and mustard Surge :P

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the rumble uniform looks too high-schoolish, to me, with the numbers on the helmet, but the rest are solid

i seem to remember you were pretty involved with the logos for most, if not all of the teams...did you have any uniform input?

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I had input in Kalamazoo's, Muskegon's, Summit County's, and Steubenville's. It's funny, because these are the most traditional, with the exception of Kalamazoo's.

With the Rumble, we wanted something unique, and no one else in pro football has that look. Once I saw it in person, I loved it, and would love to get my hands on one.

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I wonder where you got your idea for the Raiders...

Not my idea, it was 100% Rochester ownership. Trust me, I tried to steer them from it, but that was quickly halted.

They had a semi-pro team in Rochester called the Raiders for quite some time winning championships throughout the 80s and 90s and had a similar look, so when this team was started, they decided oto honor that team with it.

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i have a friend that now plays for the miami valley silverbacks, and speaking of that, I wish you played up the green a lot more in the design than just the socks. other than that I agree with everyone elses ideas.

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I like Chesapeake's uniforms. Very nice indeed.

When I had a chance to view the Chicago Slaughter's uniforms, they kind of reminded me of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

One other CIFL's team uniforms reminded me of the former Arena Football League's Carolina Cobras and the current NFL's San Francisco 49ers.

We also have CIFL teams wearing shades of blue as well.

Just thought I'd give you my two cents worth. :D

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The Raiders definitely look like Oakland. But I'd lose the black pants. Too much black. Didn't the semi-pro Raiders use a bit of red as a trim color? Seems I remember them having red trim on pants, helmets and jerseys. And Rochester's home arena has to be the coolest place in the league. It's a 100+-year old former National Guard Armory that I attended circuses and auto shows at in the 1950s before the War Memorial (Blue Cross Arena) was built. The place is great!

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