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Hawk Tribe Hockey

Billy B

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This is the 1st concept that I'm posting here, and it is the 1st hockey concept that I've ever done. These are the jerseys for my applicant for the IHL. Right now the only logo that I'm using is an interlocking HT because I can't make a great logo. Here is the home and road jerseys, I'll post the alt when it is completed. C&C Please.





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It seems like tje jerseys are way too large. You have space to put like 5 number on the back of it.

I don't feel the shoulder stripe, don't know why, maybe it's because it's too... big.

The jerseys also reminds me a lot of the New Jersey Devils too much, especially the red one.

It's simple and it looks a bit empty but in general I'd say it's a good start and if you work on it, it could become a solid concept, from my opinion.

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The yoke is way too big, the numbers are way too small, the red yoke doesn't look right on the white jersey...and overall it looks too much like a Devils jersey. I'd try to get away from the traditional stripe pattern, modernize it more. I definately think the logo needs some work too, it's too plain. Perhaps a mascot of some sort? Keep working at it though.

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Hey Man, I see you have a banner for one of your teams & notices that it was a bit jagged "the edges" I hope you dont mind but I did another one for you if you want.

I posted the large original one so you can shrink it to the size you like to fit your sig.

I also did two other "pointy" banners - home & away & left them original size so you can resize them if you want. :)

Hope this is okay. Thanks.




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