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Logo History Sig Series


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This is my first try at making signatures. My inspiration was just looking at sportslogos.net! I'll be experimenting with different designs as time goes on, these are just in the basic prototype. I will be mixing logos of teams from different eras. If they don't have a long logo history, I'll just use the current logos and maybe a script logo.

I will be taking requests. Please specify what color you want the background and which logos. If you don't specify, then I will just do whichever logos I like best.

These are just my three favorite hockey teams that I did. I will do any sports though, just give me the team, unless it is some soccer team I've never heard of, then you supply the pics (or fantasy teams).

For the next few I will be doing, I'll probably try putting the script logo in the background.

Heres the ones I did already:




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Sweet, I like this. I think the background is too plain. But if you don't feel like adding anything, that's cool.

I would love a Sacramento Kings one, on black.

I have all the logos in good res on my site. basketballex.com


Naw, I'll be putting more complex backgrounds on, thanks for ur requests!

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Okay...all will be coming soon. I already have the London Knights one and the Sacramento one finished. I'm kinda busy but all will definetely be done by the weekend. I would have the first two up but my Yahoo Geocities site isn't working...

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Can I get a Sens one? There is a plentiful amount of logos on Chris's main page. You can use whatever combo you like but I would like to see the "O" logo from 1917-1934 start it off!


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You should do a Toronto maple leafs one or a toronto raptors one. A LA Kings or Vancouver Canucks one would be interesting as would a NJ Devils franchise one (rockies, scouts, ect.)

"Cat Eyes" - Josh

Please resize your sig. It stretches my wide screen monitor.

Could i get a Atlanta Braves one, back to when they were in Boston.

Red background please.

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