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Canada Soccer Concept


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Isn't that the little soccer ball from the FC Normandie logo? :P

What sort of bothers me about it is the fact that the ball is so stylized, yet the rest of the elements of the crest are very straight-forward and silhouttey. I like that it's there, but the design of it contrasts a lot with the design of the other parts of the crest.

As for the kits, maybe a touch of black?

Other than what I've mentioned, this package is awesome. It's a much better identity than the current Canadian soccer logo. Great work.

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An odd bump, but considering I totally missed this the first time, I'm glad it came back up.

Great concept, Brian. Two things bug me:

- The "Canada" text. Seems like it would be better to leave it off entirely and make the moose bigger. Maybe a small CSA in/near the ball at the bottom would be better.

- The ball looks very modern and sleek, while the rest has a very heraldic look to it. I realize that an old English ball (a la ManUre or Spurs) would be odd, but you can definitely do more to tie the two together.

Oh, and get up off your knees in front of Nike. ;) (I keed! I keed!)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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