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Another NHL Jersey Signature series


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BUMP! Just want to make sure everyone gets their requests.

i am going to have to put this series on hold for a while. I'm moving back home tomorrow so my computer will be unhooked for a few days most likely. I'll let you know when I can start taking more requests!

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Can you do a Canucks in their vintage? plz. (dark jerseys not the white ones)...

#16 Trevor Linden

#1 Roberto Luongo

#2 Mattias Ohlund

#6 Sami Salo

#22 Daniel Sedin

#33 Henrik Sedin...

Aka..Hank & Dank, we call them here in Van, haha.

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Can I get the French Connection please. Just for reference:

Perreault - 11

Martin - 7

Robert - 14

Either that or alternate Buffalo with Miller, Stafford, Pominville, Roy, and Drury.

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I'm baaaaaaaaack!! :hockeysmiley:

Haven't had much of a chance to have much fun this past couple weeks with exams and starting my new job, but now that I have wireless interweb at home I can finally do some work! I did my best to fulfill the requests, a few of the players requested are not in the database so I either left them out or substituted as I felt fit. Enjoy guys!


Classic North Stars


Wild Alternate


Kings Alternate

and just for fun...


Puttin' on the foil!

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More sigs! Just a couple I whipped up for fun


Vintage Jets


and Thrashers alternates!


P.S: As a side note, if you use my signatures as your sigs, please post them to your own image hosting site, I might be doing some spring cleaning soon and things may get shuffled! Thanks!

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Delayed Penalty, that is spectacular work! Awesome! My jaw drops at the sight of these beautiful signatures... wow!

Since the Minnesota North Stars and Minnesota Wild are already covered, you don't mind if I request two teams in particular? How about the New York Rangers and Phoenix Coyotes?

New York Rangers (in primary royal blue color now used at home)

Mark Messier #11

Wayne Gretzky #99

Mike Richter #35

Brian Leetch #2

Adam Graves #9

Phoenix Coyotes (current brick red)

Shane Doan #19

Jeremy Roenick #97

Ed Jovanovski #55

Steven Reinprecht #28

Keith Ballard #2

I don't know if you have players that are no longer on each of these teams, so I went with the most likely available ones. If former Rangers or Coyotes listed aren't available, let me know as I have a few alternate choices. If you only have different team colors available instead of what I posted above, I'll be glad to list something that would be great for those. By the way, I would've listed Keith Tkachuk for the Coyotes, but he never wore the present-day uniform.

By the way, I feel a little stupid for asking, but may I use in my signature any that others requested? For example, I also root for the Wild (and did for the North Stars back in their day), so I'd love to show it proudly in my signature area and switch it up in the event I have the Rangers and Coyotes to post.

Many thanks for anything you may do and again, great job on the signatures!

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