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High School Sports Team Concept


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Hey guys-

This is my first try at making a logo. Our high school has a team for a game called "wischixin" which is a rugby type game (with more hitting) that uses a soccer ball. This is the logo I made, I was hoping i could get some C&C. Hoover's the name of the High School, the red X represents the flag of Alabama.



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It's not spectacular, but it's not bad. I don't like the fonts you chose, and they don't seem to work together. I'd prefer not to have the soccer ball so prominent. As it is, it looks like Hoover Wischixin is the name of a soccer club. Maybe some other iconic image from the sport. The apex of the badge comes up a little high for my liking. I like the "X" and stars incorporated into it. Also, I don't like Big Brother looming over everything in the background. Fat Brock Lesnar has got to go.

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