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Montreal Alouettes Concept


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Something old - White helmets, a nod to the original Montreal Alouettes. The silver helmet looks okay but in my opinion silver isn't a very prominent colour in their colour scheme and shouldn't be the main colour for such an important part of the football uniform. I kept the MONTREAL text across the front because I happen to really like how it looks and doesn't look out of place. Conveniently the NHL's San Jose Sharks jersey font matched perfectly.

Something new - Brand spanking new threads for the Als. Their original set when they first moved back to Montreal was a really nice set but didn't capture the history of the Montreal Alouettes. The current threads are a bit of a throwback but it looks very dated. I wanted to capture the history of the Alouettes with the white helmets and garnet uniforms and a nod to Montreal culture, see below for explanation.

Something borrowed - The arm stripes are taken directly from fellow Montreal team, the Montreal Canadiens with the red outline, blue stripes with white in the middle and a large logo in the middle.

Something blue - One of the very few, if not the first time a Saint Jean Baptiste Day alternate has been created. I got the idea from the Toronto Blue Jays and their red Canada Day alts. The blue is taken directly from the Quebec flag and I replaced the Canadiens stripes on the arms with the Quebec flag. I used a wide single white stripe on the pants to reflect the wide white stripes on the flag.

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