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5 concepts that have come to life


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just got the photos for custom mini helmets for our fantasy football league - we got them done by ******.com - they really look good

the teams are the cape fear canes, the holly springs hawks, the ohio rush, the lake michigan seals and the raleigh raptors - if i had it to do over again, i would probably not do the white outline on the hawks, seals and canes logos, but otherwise i think they look perfect - the hawks and canes helmets sport championship logos designed by roxstar and the other logos are my originals (you may recognize all but the raptors logo)

here are the pix:




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Wow, those are awesome!

I love the Canes and and Hawks, and would definitely keep the white outline. The gold on gold and the blue on silver are similar enough in tone that I think that added contrast around the outline is helpful. Well, maybe the Hawk could do without, but I think the Canes logo needs the outline.

Your detailing on the helmet stripes is incredible, too. Really, really well done.

And it must be repeated: That Seals logo is one of the best concepts I've ever seen here. Just fantastic.

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That seal one is badass. What was the concept for?

all except for the raptors are teams i designed in our fantasy football league...the raptors is for the canes owner's son...and they are all concepts that i have previously shown on this board

how much did the 5 of them set you back, if you dont mind me asking?

just under $45 each, with shipping

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That Seals helmet is so raw I'm willing to overlook the fact that Seals don't live anywhere near Lake Michigan :D

aw, c'mon...you don't think they could survive the trip over niagara falls :)

(not to mention a pretty long, freshwater trip up the st. lawrence and through lake ontario...)

not sure why the owner chose the seals as his team name, to tell the truth...maybe he was a navy seal at one point :)

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