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I can't stand Stern, many people think he's so funny because he has women on his show and they take off their shirts, Hell anyone can have a radio show and do that.

To all you Stern Fans,   Here's a clue, He's just like Adam Sandler    NOT FUNNY

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Phil Hendrie is brilliant and hilarious. For those who are unaware of his shtick, he hosts a call-in show where he has guests on by phone.  These guests usually have ridiculously controversial opinions or are engaged in some kind of outrageous business or organization.  The general public is invited to call in to speak to these guests, usually winding up in heated arguments and the subject of ridicule from the "guests."  The thing is, is that it's Hendrie acting as the host and also as the "guest."  The whole thing is fake, but a lot of the people who call in just don't understand.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the St. Louis radio audience didn't get the joke and the show no longer airs here.
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I used to be a die hard Stern fan and his show can be funny, but his schtick gets boring fast. I haven't listened to him in years.

Hendrie is hilarious, the people that call in not knowing what's happening is so damn funny. They took him off in Columbus when I was there, don't know why, but I used to try and leave work early so I could listen on the way home.

Rome is an idiot. He's so egotistacal, no one is ever right

or can have a differing opinion with him. I love the old clip of him on ESPN2, when he calls Jim Everett "chrissy everett" and

Jim jumps over the desk to kick his a$$

I cannot stand the way Glenn Beck talks, with these huge

pregnant pauses. I though dead-air was a radio taboo.

He's annoying as anyone I've ever heard.

All morning zoo shows and talk radio guys suck, I don't

listen to the radio at all, it's all canned crap. The same

schticks and gags from town to town.

and as for Rush, it's about time he got what he deserves

He lost all the wieght 'cause he was strung out and never

ate. Dittoheads suck!

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Rush Limbaugh is the ultimate in hypocrisy. He can't even say he's fair anymore. He doesn't have ANY expierience in politics, all he did was sit on his rear all day, take OxyContin and other cocktails of pills, and watch football. ALL HE PREACHES IS HATE!

Mike Savage is a contemptable human being. How the hell he could say "Go get AIDS" to a gay guy is reprehensible.

Stern is funny sometimes, but it just gets old quick....

I personally listen to Radio Canada on road trips. You never know what interesting place it will take you next.

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I've been a Howard Stern fan for over 10 years, since his Channel 9 show days. I miss the days of "Butt Bongo Fiesta".

Yeah, his stuff gets old, but so does everyone else's. From listening to his stuff, you know he doesn't have a specific political agenda. He doesn't go with one point of view because he's specifically left or right, he just speaks whatver's on his mind.

Of course, if he doesn't like you, than he just rants on you relentlessly. The Imus-hating stuff is so old.

I never saw a difference between Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage, except Savage is way more threatening and violent in his diatribes.

I still miss Opie & Anthony. I remember when they were local to Boston (coming here from who knows where) and they got fired for the April Fool's joke of saying the mayor of Boston died in a crash that day. When they resurfaced in New York, I found them very hypocritical at first, but they were damn funny.

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Rome sucks, Stern Sucks.

Where's Opie and Anthony on that list???

For now, the only good people on that list is Don & Mike, and that's not really a compliment. They suck, but they are the best you got on there...

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i like Rome, the Clones takes are the best, with the huge call of the day and e-mail.  when it's off topic is when it gets good.

for sports talk, Primetime with the Packman is the best (Mark Packer).  their format is to rotate pro athletes current, past, as well as local media each day to "woof" it up.  in the heart of ACC land, it gets rowdy sometimes.

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