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Euro Hockey Super Champions League?


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Super European league to start up and plan is to play NHL challenger annually

Canadian Press

April 20, 2007

ZURICH (CP) - The best club teams in Europe will participate in the new Champions Hockey League beginning in 2008-09 and discussions are being held to have one or more of the top teams annually face an NHL challenger.

Rene Fasel, president of the International Ice Hockey Federation, unveiled the plan during a meeting with European national federation representatives Friday.

"This is a vision that we have had for quite some time," said Fasel. "There are still details to be ironed out but we are sure that we have a financial and sportive foundation that will imply a new era for European club hockey and club hockey worldwide."

A prize pool of C$15 million would go to teams that make the final bracket and a bonus of C$929,300 would be paid the European winner.

Fasel said he's held discussions with the NHL and the two parties have "agreed on a mutual aim to stage a showdown between the best team(s) from the Champions Hockey League and an NHL challenger to annually play for a world trophy in late September."

Sure, it would be exhibitions at first, but can you imagine the Stanley Cup champion then going on to a UEFA-style Champions league for the "world" title? I think this has got potential...

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I doubt the NHL would give up the Cup but if they did and the IIHF awarded it. I'd love to see a Buffalo-Kazan matchup. This could be awesome. Now would it be a one game for the cup or a series? If a series it could be very costly on travel unless they hold it at a neutral site. i.e. have a tournament in say England with big matches in Manchester Evening News Arena and use the other smaller arenas around the country for the earlier rounds.

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I had read that the old Stanley Cup was the prize of the champion from a final between the NHA winner and the PCHA winner.

After the folding of the PCHA, the NHA became as NHL and gives the Stanley Cup as prize for all its winners.

I don't think that the Stanley Cup would be a prize for the winner of the NHL-Euro Hockey superfinal. If that kind of superfinal finally happens, they should give a new Cup to the new champion "of the world".

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I can't see this at all.

What NHL champ would start training camp in September, play a full season, then 4 grueling 7-game series to win the Cup, then cross the Atlantic for another tournament or short-season league, on bigger ice, all summer?

If the best hockey talent is, in fact, in the NHL, there's no reason to slog through 120 games to go halfway around the globe for some more games. The champs earn a summer off.

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It'd be cool to have a "supercup" one-off game. Alternate the host continent per year. But, rather than having it at the end of the year, have it towards the end of the next preseason, much like the UEFA Super Cup. The winners of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup face off for the Super Cup at the beginning of the next season.

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