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Ducks Concept


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Hmm. Is it a bit Miami Dolphins colour-wise, or is it just me?

I liked the green for last year's alt personally. I like the idea of a green jersey, I'm just not sold on this particular green. And the use of the big duck foot instead of the lame script logo they went with is a a good idea. I'm really not sure why they didn't do that on their real uniforms.

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Well then it's too red if that's orange, make it more orange. (I'm seeing the same color as the red in your Wranglers logo)

Your moniter (or eyes) must be messed up cause I'm seeing a definite orange color.

Hmm. Is it a bit Miama Dolphins colour-wise, or is it just me?

The Miami Dolphins have aqua, not green, this would be more like the Miami Hurricanes.

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I like their new look, and the retirement of the Disney logo. But I definitely prefer what you've done here, both with the colors (more unique, and appealing to my Irish self) and scrapping the wordmark logo for the D/foot.

My only suggestion would be making the logo foot orange on both the home and road sweater. The green foot loses its contrast with the black detailing, and the white foot just looks strange. An orange foot on both would be consistent and would show the black contrast much better.

Well done.

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