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For those of you following the progress of USFL.INFO, I decided to scrap my original site plan and start again from scratch - retaining a simple look and feel, but still trying to provide the most information possible.

I've now split the site into 40 specific sections. I know it sounds like a boatload, but in reality it isn't...

- About the USFL, an explanation of what the USFL was for those who didn't follow it at the time, or who were too young to have a recollection of the league.

, a look at how the USFL came to be.

, a simple navigation area where visitors can visit sections specific to each of the league's 19 clubs (in case they don't notice the team logos at the top of the page and click on them).

, chronicling the majority owners of each team.

, currently giving a look at each head coach's USFL record, but I'm hoping to expand that section to one similar in scope to "The Owners," providing individual, detailed backgrounds.

(unfinished) will take a look at 50 key players in the USFL's history, either through their play in the league, or as part of the NFL.

, taking a look at every site the USFL ever played a regular season or playoff game in, from Boston's Nickerson Field to Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California.

- The 1983 Season, taking a look at events on- and off the field.

- The 1984 Season, taking a look at the USFL's second season of play.

- Spring Forward, Fall Apart, taking a look at the league's decision to switch from a spring schedule to a fall one beginning in 1986.

- The 1985 Season, reviewing the last season of the league on the field.

- USFL v. NFL: Cold War, taking a look at how the USFL and NFL co-existed, uneasily, prior to the trial.

- USFL v. NFL: The Trial, taking a look at the landmark case where the USFL won... and lost at the same time.

- Aftermath, a look at the events following the trial, ending with the eventual dissolution of the league and its teams.

- USFL.INFO Interviews, which I hope will have periodic interviews with people involved in the league.

- USFL.INFO Exclusives, which will have league information exclusive to
(and yes, I know some of what that will be now).

- USFL Archives, a peek into the league's archival history.

- Tell Your USFL Story, an area where I appeal to those who had been part of the league to get in touch, to tell their story so that it can be preserved as part of

- Links to Other Sites, which is pretty self-explanatory.

- Site Credits, in which I'll give credit to those, both here on the CCSLC and elsewhere, who've been of such help to the

- Contact Us, where those who have questions about the USFL or the site can reach me, and

- Sections dedicated to each individual USFL team (19 in all), each of which comprises at least 10 unique web pages.

While the site won't officially launch until May 11th - the 25th anniversary of the press conference at "21" in New York announcing the league's formation, I have placed some areas of the site (some completed, some not) up for viewing by CCSLC members in hopes of getting some feedback. You should be able to click on links above in cases where the section is complete (or near complete) and ready for viewing.

In any event, if you're so inclined please take a look at the "new" site and let me know what you think - good, bad, or ugly. Also if anyone would be interested in helping out with the site - by providing narrative writing or simply by taking a snapshot of a piece of USFL memorabilia you have - that would of course be appreciated.

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