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NBA TrueType fonts now available!


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I second the guy earlier that said these get more use than you ever know (did he mean hookers ?). I LOVE IT ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! Thank you Eriq, LMU and all the little people to make this happen -ALEiLUIA- To quote and paraphrase from Strong Bad, "On a scale from one to awesome, yooou're super great"

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Eriq -

These are amazing. Thanks a lot for putting in the time and effort. My only question is, would you be able to make the Magic throwback numbers (from the Shaq and Penny years)? Those are some of my all time favorite numbers (coming from someone who usually prefers block numbers). Orlando has worn them as throwbacks several times over the past few years, too. Thanks again.

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And the Chargers in the NBA, who knew ?

Oh, wow, I didn't even notice that I put that in the ZIP. Bonus!

Great Job! But just one question. Where are the Hawks?

The Hawks are there, but I seem to have missed putting their preview pic up. I'll fix that shortly.

Err, nevermind. Here's the Hawks' preview:


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It's always a good day when I can find a free font that I like.

It's a really good day when I can get 34 of them.

It's a truly great day when those fonts are so meaningful and relative to what we like so much and otherwise impossible to get on top of it.

I think each person who downloads them owes you a free beer.

With over 15,000 members registered, I think that pretty much means free beer for life really.

Thanks guys, you rock.

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Well, since this thread has been bumped, I might as well ask - Eriq, have you made any new fonts for the teams that have changed their looks since early 2007 (Hawks, Clippers, Cavs, Jazz, Warriors, Rockets*, Thunder**, Bobcats, Timberwolves, Magic, Sixers, Hornets)?

*Only changed their number font.

**Actually a new team, but whatever.

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