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TNT Playoffs Piece


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TNT had a beautiful intro for their playoff coverage on Sunday staring Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Smokin' Aces).

It had all the great clips of playoff action, and the talk of intesity and pressure.

But my favorite part asked "Do you think you have the desire to win it all?". Then it reflected on all the great players who never won it all (Barkley, Ewing, Malone & Stockton) and asked if you saw that that in the mirror every day. Beautiful stuff.


Found a clip of it on YouTube:

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He should've said "you're wearing the jersey of the team you're going to see. Don't be that guy, man. Don't be that guy." :D

Or, a "LLOOOOOOYD!!!!" would've been good.

Note: I'm not saying there's anything wrong with wearing a jersey to a game; I'm merely quoting a movie.

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