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Update on Biscuits' home unis.


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As stated in the "2007 Minor League Changes" thread, I pointed out that Montgomery switched to block numbers with no names on their home jerseys for their season opener.

However, from what I have seen on the nightly newscasts, the Biscuits have been wearing the navy jersey with "Hobo" numbers on the front and back on the road, which is what they have worn since they came to Montgomery.

Since at least the past week or so, it appears the Biscuits have brought back jerseys with the Hobo numbers on the front and back, and have also put the names on the back of the jerseys. However, they have switched to some round block font for the names on the back, and they go straight across instead of in an arc like they did on the old ones.

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Maybe that's why it's called Hobo.

But hobos don't have cars. There are a lot of elements of the hobo lifestyle that are optional: harmonicas, knapsacks made of checkered handkerchiefs tied to a stick, cans of baked beans in your pockets, fraying suitcoats with patched sleeves, a Union Pacific freight schedule from 1931 that you read like the Bible. You can have all or none of those things and still be a hobo. Heck, a hobo can even have a house somewhere, or just an eight-by-twelve two-bit room a couple of town back down the line. But not having your own car, that's pretty much the one ironclad qualifier for hobodom.

I don't know; I think I'd rather see block numbers. Readability should be priorities 1, 2, and 3 with uniform numbers.

In summary, today's lesson is: Hobos, moonshiners, and rednecks are three different things.

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