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Washington Wizards Concept


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For starters I would like to thank Nick1733 for his great uniform template, and eriqjaffe for the recent release of the NBA truetype fonts.

This concept has been brewing for my head for a while, since before they released those gold alternates they have now. I took some things from the wizards past, some from their present uniforms, and re-did some things.

From the past:

Stripes!- Although they are used on the current alternate in a more accurate fashion, I decided to use them on the side panels to bring some originality to the stripe idea in Washington.

From the present:

Primary Logo

Assymetric Uniforms- This is something I found unique in the NBA and I couldn't help but continue it.

Numbers & Letters- I think these work well with their identity.

From my mind:

Colors- These have been slightly changed to go together better. I found the current blue and gold too dark.

Secondary Logo- I have never really loved the 'dc' logo, so I came up with a very predictable secondary, but I think it works.

Jersey Wordmark- This is really a mix between the 'W' in their primary logo and the 'izards' from their current wordmark, with an added star.

All in all, I was trying to bring together the history of the Bullets with the present identity of the Wizards and create comething that could stand the test of time, which in the NBA seems to be 10 years.

C&C is appreciated as always. If anybody needs a closer view of any part of the concept just say so.


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I agree, incorporate a little more black into all the jerseys, add a little blue to the alts, and make the stripes go on each side of the jersey. And maybe an outline around the wordmark as well.

Overall: B

Could be A+ work with those improvements IMO

(EDIT: I take that back, don't make the stripes go on both sides of the jerseys, it might look too Cavs-ish :))

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thank you to all who commented, i know it's been a while, I'm trying to graduate college so i have no free time this time of year. I changed this around a LITTLE bit. I added a outline to the wordmark like suggested, and made it bigger like suggested. I added some trim on the arm-holes to match the neck-hole trim. I added some black to the home and away, but just the piping around the stripes because a little blakc on a uniform goes a long way. I also added some blue to the alternate, something that I shyed away from at first because I like the Gold, Black, and White look. I am happy with all your suggestions, and as always, keep the C&C coming.


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Any Wizards redo should have a totally different logo. The current logo is awful.

ive never liked the logo, it looks like a deformed swastika. thought not intentional, i think its just they way the design came out. in any case it does need to be re worked. outside that this is a very nice concept. RWB doesn't fit the wiz as much as it would say the capitals. the blue/gold/black says wizards more than RWB.

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Uniform asymmetry makes my brain hurt. But I know that's just me, and not really a strike against these uniforms. And when I try to ignore the irrational mental pain this concept causes me, I have to conclude that these are actually pretty terrific.

For one thing, I think you nail the colors and balance among them that the team should use. Institute this concept with slight improvements, change the name to something less inane, and this would be a great looking team.

Here are the things I would tweak about this uniform:

1. Black outlines on the home/road jersey "Wizards" script. I don't think the gold quite does the trick well enough.

2. Even less black on the alt. Make the name and number blue with black outline. I'd even prefer to see blue-gold-white on the side stripe, no black. The black in this color scheme should be used sparingly to provide contrast between the blue and gold where needed, not as a primary color in and of itself.

That's pretty much it. Like I said, I think you nail the balance between blue and gold this team (and the Caps!) should have. Aside from the name, which isn't your fault, this concept really says "Washington" to me.

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