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NY Islanders Concept


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Hi, this is my second concept, and I know not everybody will love it because I use some of the logos from the " fisherman " era. Calm down, please, I DID NOT use the fisherman, but one of their alternate logo for my primary, with some modifications and recoloring, and a wordmark for the alternate jersey. Also, I took their actual logo for the shoulder patch.

I don't think this could actually be their jerseys, because I personnaly think that their actual jerseys are simple and looks really great, so I did this just for fun and to see if some logos from the " fisherman " era could look good if they were changed a bit :P

C&C if you want but I don't think I'll put more work on this, I did it a couple of weeks ago and at the start I wasn't thinking about posting it. Good day !




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All in all, not too bad. For your 2nd concept, it's clean and could work.

That said, here's my take:

1. PRIMARY LOGO: I like the lighthouse as you used it. But the "NY" looks exactly like what you did - a cut & paste job from the current primary. Try making an "NY" that would better suit your purpose instead of using pieces of what exists. Or leave the letters off altogether.

2. ALT LOGO: Again, a good idea, but with the way the letters are oriented, it looks like another cut & paste job. The angle of the letters and the size of the first and last letters make it look like something is supposed to be atop the wordmark, but it's gone. Maybe stick the top of the lighthouse up there at the same jaunty angle, and you could have something.

3. SHOULDER YOKES: A little small. The yoke should extend at least to the shoulder seam, or you won't see it in action.

4. THE DIAGONAL STRIPES: My biggest complaint is my final one. The stripes as currently used signify the Isles' 4 Stanley Cups. It was never intended to be bastardized into a design element that wraps all the way around the body. It's also very distracting and really takes the focus off an otherwise solid concept. It's just too busy for an NHL sweater, and it destroys the very reason the stripes are there - to pay tribute to the team's past.


A little tweak here and there, and you've got yourself one fine concept. And very cleanly executed at that. Good job.

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ok i really like this concept, you put something very nice and simple for them together, i only have 3 qualms really, i think the Y on the home and road should extend past the lighthouse, it looks kinda cut off and incomplete. and the diagonal stripes at the bottom have to go, a simple stripe would do well here, and 3rd...DiPietro isnt the captain and he cannot be. just an observation but otherwise a great concept.

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