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IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships


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The U.S. beat the defending champions Sweden yesterday in a friendly in Stockholm. (5-3)

I'm actually excited about the U.S. team for once. I think our next generation of talent is finally coming in. Will be interesting to see how they do anyway. Hopefully they won't end up like the Junior teams of the past few years and have their egos get in the way of the team.

When I first saw the roster I thought that we'd be lucky not to relegate, but I'm slowly changing my mind on these guys. No huge names on the roster, but still some good talent.

I guess Grahame will be the starter for Team USA since he got the start against Sweden. Though Cory Schneider (Boston College) did play the third period of the game.

The U.S. opens against Austria by the way on Friday(?). The host Russia opens against Denmark.

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