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Steelers unveil new uniform today.


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bigdub81, nice concept, but I think you really intended to write "pants striping." Let's keep the Chris Creamer Sports Logos Community relatively family-friendly, shall we?

Yeah you got me on that one! I was rushing to get it posted so to all of the 'kids' on the board...I'm sorry! Now that I look at it...neither set of pants work for them cause there is just too much gold in there.

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I can guarantee you this, though: short of that fugly ann'y logo, those jerseys--which will be on sale here in Pittsburgh probably as soon as August, if not July (by the way, do NOT rule out seeing these in the pre-season; I've already been hearing murmurs of that), will be OFF THE RACKS AS SOON AS THE RETAILERS HANG THEM UP ON THERE. I can also guarantee the authentic versions will retail far north of $200; possibly into $300 territory...and they'll stillbe all bought up.

Of course they will. They don't have those ugly-ass italicized numbers on them.

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jerseys i like

mascot... no.

The steelers havent had mascots, havent had cheerleaders, and other things like that forever... why start now?

They've had mascots: Stevie Steeler, and some anthropomorphic Terrible Towel in the 90s.

And they have had cheerleaders - the Steelerettes, from 1961-1969.

yes but how long did "Steevie steeler" last?

1983 to 1991. So it wasn't just a one-and-one event.

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