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new Oregon State football uniforms


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Nike might have designed the uni's, but OS had to approve them. The athletic department is the one to "blame" for this, though considering they likely were approved by a number of people, they probably think these will result in more merchandising profits. It's really all about the $$.

I have a feeling that the general public doesn't have the same traditional uniform love that 90% of this board has, or else nobody from the NFL to the NCAA would be designing more future-esque uniforms.

There is a big difference between "futuristic" and "fugly".

These definitely fall on the side of fugly.

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Those are atrocious, the bra thing is gonna make them a laughingstock...

I'm also gonna miss the block #'s with drop shadow, I really equated those with the Beavers....

And I cannot wait until that game comes out. I now know what I'm doing with the second half of my summer.

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I nominate the new OSU uniforms as worst NCAA redesign of '07. Can it get much worse? I've never really bought in to those race-to-the-bottom, parade-of-horribles arguments, but D-I football uniforms in the state of Oregon seem to be a prime example.

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that's okay. I'll hold off running my mouth too much until camp starts, but if everyone comes back healthy on the o-line the Ducks will be good and the Beavers are returning a ton of starters...I'm not saying, but I'm just saying.

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