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Zoneranger's whozis #50


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We have a winner! :D

   In 1939 Gehrke was an art major and a grid speedster at the University of Utah. He joined the Rams in 1940 and the following off-season became associated with Northrop Aircraft in Los Angeles and became an integral part of that firm's design department throughout the war.

  He rejoined the Cleveland Rams for the 1945 season, playing a sparkling part in the Rams' successful quest for a world title. When the team moved to Los Angeles, Gehrke continued as a top drawer halfback through 1949.

 At the close of the 1947 season, Coach Bob Snyder asked Gehrke to put his artistic talents to work in designing a new Ram uniform. Gehrke did so, and his presentation of the now famous helmet was greeted with enthusiasm by the entire organization

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