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Thomas More College and its athletic department announced a new identity for the Thomas More Saints in the form of a new logo.

The Saints logo, which was designed by Jim Ward Designs, will replace the script Saints Thomas More has used for the last four seasons. Along with the logo change, Thomas More has announced that its school colors will be reflex blue and white.

?The athletic department is excited about the new look for the school and its sports programs,? said athletics director Terry Connor. ?It's a bolder identity that the entire campus and college community will embrace.?


The Cincinnati Post

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In general, I like it. Two quibbles:

1. There's an awful lot of silver in there for a school whose colors are blue and white. Especially when a central element of the logo, the negative-space cross, relies on the silver to be visible.

2. I find the cross between the I and the N distracting. It introduces an unnatural break within the letters, and anyway it's redundant. I think we can be pretty sure that nobody looking at a giant quasi-gothic "Saints" is going to wonder whether the school in question is affiliated with Hinduism. I guess points should be awarded for not just making the letter T a cross, however.

The school's athletic programs seem to center on softball and baseball, and that Saints script should look great on a baseball uniform. I wonder what the school has in mind for the caps -- an as-yet unseen TM logo, the gothic S from the Saints script, or the Thomas More bust? I'd be interested to see the uniform, if indeed the school gets new baseball unis for the new logo.

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The above ones not so bad. Never thought I'd see St. Thomas Moore as a mascot though...

Why not? He's a man for all seasons.

As for the logo, I like it a lot. It's clean and simple, but with a somewhat unique wordmark that really fits the name.

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I really don't like it. The colors are really too flat, the typography doesn't seem even to me and I not sure what the streaks for, was Thomas Moore fast?

I think it is like looking at a trace of Thomas Moore that they tried to apply some modern elements too. I just don't care for it. I also think the cross seams forced.

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