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Blue Jays Concept

Billy B

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Here is the rest of the series:


White Sox

For the Blue Jays I did the obvious thing and made blue the primary. The home jersey is simple, same as the home with blue sleeve stripes and a front number. The numbers on both the front and back are blue with a silver outline. The pants are simple too, blue belt, stripe, and stirrups. The hat is blue, but I used the alternate T logo on the hat. These are simple, but I like the way they turned out.


For the road I took the gray I normally use for road jerseys and added blue to it. I tink that it looks pretty good. I also flipped the colors of the number. The bill of the hat is gray.


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Copy and paste is not always your friend. ^_^

See, this is exactly what I meant by working on being proficient before setting out on an ambitious project like this.

Now, you have 2 threads open on the first page of the board. Most people won't go back and look 2 or 3 pages deep for concepts for a thorough review out of a lack of time. You're clogging up the board's feature page and knocking other people's hard work to obscurity. And this concept has the same mistakes and flaws as your White Sox concept.

To wit:

1. The wordmark is too small for the jersey.

2. The wordmark is much, much clearer than the rest of the work - which makes it an obvious cut & paste job.

3. Every other element in the concept is blurry and/or pixellated - names, numbers.

4. Stripes are incomplete on the pants.

5. The sleeves have hem stripes on the front views of the jerseys, but have no stripes at all on the back views of the jerseys.

6. There is a portion of the blue road jersey, up by the back of the neck, that is WHITE on a BLUE jersey.

7. Since you chose to cut & paste the Jays' wordmark, you might want to remove the ® from the lower right portion of it.

8. Since the gray/graphite you chose for the trim on the jerseys happens to be the same gray Roger uses in his template design, there's no clear distinction between what you meant to be there and what is part of the design of the template.

Before you post another design, please take some of the critiques to heart. There are already too many people who clog up the boards with hastily-designed slap-dash concepts that look sloppy. Go back and really get good at what you're doing. Don't just take existing team identity marks, recolor them and rearrange them and call it a "concept". It really isn't.

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Thanks, VitaminD for the criticisms. Noone pointed everything out on the first concept so you're comments really help. I took a look at some of you're concepts that were all done in Paint to see an example of what you were talking about. I'm going to entirely revamp this and repost it when I finish. I'll make the wordmark on the front bigger. Right now I'm working on cleaning up the numbers to make them look cleaner. I'll complete the stripes on the pants, and the hem stripes are already fixed. The part of the jersey on the back of the neck is already fixed, too. The graphite that I used was from the logo, so I'll make the outline of the template a different color, probably black or a more distinctive shade of gray, to differentiate between my work and the template outline. Also, how do you arch the names on the back of the jersey, because I only know how to make them straight.

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