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Senators alternate numbering design idea

Roger Clemente

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What if the Senators took a cue from the Capitals and layered their numbers in a similar fashion to their striping? Like so...


Do you think it'd work?

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

nice idea, but the sens should pick a jersey set before worring about their #'s.

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They should. Make a road version of the black uniform and use thos. I'm am huge mark for red uniforms, but theirs has past it's time, settle down with a black uni again and match up your designs!

i also like the red sens uniforms, but to me it just looks liked a warped canadians jeersey with the black replacing the blue.

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so basically you all want them to look identical to their ahl team? in bc, there is a junior team called the victora salsa, they have a white version of the red home uni, it looks good on ice. the binhamton sens do have some sickly nice uniforms though
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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