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Zoneranger's whozis #51


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Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion did indeed spend part of his career as a Ranger--at first I thought he was a different Hab from the same era--but then the Rangers uni threw me off--so I took a break--but with that clue--yeah it's him-I'll agree with sj32 and 49ersfan15
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One of the first players to use the slap shot as a primary scoring weapon, Geoffrion was a major player on the Montreal Canadiens' formidable power play during the 1950s. Usually a right wing, Geoffrion played the point on the power play because of his blistering shot. Even if it didn't go in the net, it was so hard for a goalie to control that the rebounds often set up easy shots for his teammates.

Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon sang the Top 10 hit "Palisades Park", You know..."Last night I took a walk after dark, a swinging place called Pallasides Park..." Groovy! :cool:

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