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Ballwonk, the Royals name has gone to represent niether the Cattle show or the ballteam only. Royals definitely brings to mind kings, queens, ROYALty. And their identity, matches that no problem.

The Astros may have a color scheme that could work, but their jerseys and logos don't. The star logo is OK. Nothing else works real well.

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The Astros CAN'T go back to that old navy blue and gold look.

Don't get me wrong. It was awesome. Best they've ever had.

And their old west them, it's dumb.

But while the look isn't permanent, their old school (and dumb, gimmicky) ballpark is somewhat permanent. They need a look that fits their park.

No, the Astros don't NEED to have a look that fits the park. Fenway Park has light-green interior walls and the Red Sox wear navy blue and red on a regular basis. Coors Field is mostly forest green seats and the Rockies wear black and purple. And Chase Field has green seats, and the Diamondbacks just switched to red and black. Uniforms matching the facility isn't necessary. The Astros NEEDED a new logo when they moved into the new park, only because the three Astros logos they had from 1965-99 all had the Astrodome or some reference to it. But they could have kept the colors dark blue and gold or gone back to dark blue and orange.

I don't mean the colors have to match the colors of the facility.

The theme of the jerseys should fit in with the theme of the stadium though. They now play in a super retro old west style ballpark. Their current look fits that, but it unfortunately contradicts the name in about every way possible.

They need to find an old school type of look that fits their old school type of ballpark, but still tie it into the futuristic style name of Astros. The uniforms I posted did just that when they played in an old style ballpark. Bringing those back wouldn't be a good choice though, but they could certainly use them for inspiration.

I think it's great when the ballpark's colors match the teams colors, but that's just not what I meant at all. Stadiums have certain colors that just work for them, but a franchise can as a whole have a theme to their identity. The Astros have that right now except for their name, which just happens to be a giant part of the identity. They need to better tie everything together.

I misread/misunderstood your point, and my apologies on that. I don't necessarily look at the "theme" of a stadium and tie that to the logos and uniforms. I guess I analyze uniforms and logo changes relative to what they've traditionally had (i.e. - the Blue Jays and I've heard the explanations for why they got away from blue. Not a criticism here, just using an example). The best uniform/logo/nickname to pull off the "stadium=logo/uniform theme" identity for the Astros, though, would be the Colt .45s look/name/logo. Unfortunately, I'm not sure they couldn't get away with that in this age of political correctness.

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