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England Rugby World Cup Kit


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Not sure there, I'd say no as they like to keep their kits a little longer than 3 years and they only changed it a year or so ago.

As much as the Canterbury teams are templated, I think they're entirely appropriate for international rugby. A slight variation to the plain, one colour jersey that has been traditional for most of their national clients. The underarm panels are nowhere near as obtrusive as the garbage presented here.

New Zealand's isn't too bad either.

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yeah, its just not appropriate. i quite like englands strip. its hundereds of years old and dates back to the rugby school strip of white top white shorts and navy (in the distant past sometimes striped) socks.

here are the pics on the bbc website of kits pf the past. this might help some of the american guys see what we mean.

these are ancient kits (much like the yankees etc) that date from the 1870s and were virtually unchanged untill the 1991 world cup (where) they wore red and blue bands on the arm. the new one has no repsct for this.

god, ive been in this country too long. i used to look after the silverware when i worked for the rfu (including 'bill') so i do feel attached to england. even if they are :censored: at the moment.






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Nothing wrong with white/white/blue, the panelling in the second last one is acceptable as well. Pretty much downhill from there.

Also, its interesting to see the rose on the other side of the jersey as well as mismatched socks in the first picture.

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The promo photo's were in the Manchester Guardian today - claiming i had "sporting and military influences - the Pamplona bull runner, the pikeman of the 1640's and Crystal Palace's early 80's kit" (see http://wwww.historicalkits.co.uk/Crystal_P...tal_Palace.htm) - this seems to be their interpretation, and none of it makes this kit any better, the change is worse the dark red just looks like someone has bled through the fabric...

The best ones were the early 1990's Cellnet shirts with navy and red under the arms...

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The cross on the left shoulder kinda looks like the Puma logo from far away. I don't see how Nike could have allowed that.

Funny, that's exactly what I thought as well... glad to see I'm not the only one!

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