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Players Sharing Numbers...


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sort of the opposite:

when the stars traded shane churla and doug zmolek to the kings for darryl sydor, sydor wanted to wear 5.

but that was zmolek's number. so sydor decided not to take his number immediately, out of respect. so he wore 6 for his first partial season in dallas, before going to 5.

he wore 25 in los angeles.

To add to this, Syd wore #40 in his rookie year. This year Lauri Tukonen wore #44 in his first stint with the Kings and changed to #34 when the Kings reacquired Modry and he wore his customary #44. Last year the Dodgers had if I remember Matt Kemp and James Loney wear #27. Loney had it with his first stint and then Kemp took it. When he returned he was given #29, he now is #7. Also last year Jose Cruz wore #22, the Dodgers then acquired Toby Hall who wore #26. On August 5th Cruz was released and Hall took #22 (half his number in Tampa), and then like a week later the Dodgers acquired Einar Diaz who wore #26. Got it? *lol*

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trevor daley wore 6 his rookie year, then changed to 5 when the stars got chris therien... then returned the 6 the next season, and has worn it ever since.

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