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custom Padres camo


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heh, we've had spyboy and others post customized jerseys, now here I go with the ultimate in custom. I've mentioned before about makin my own jerseys, but since I had no idea until recently that I had to enable the USB port on my old ass computer manually, somebody who had a picture of "part" of the Loch Ness monster had more proof that Nessie existed than I did of what I was doing :D

this idea went straight from "idea in my head" to "I gotta make this for real", so there's never been a concept in between. Meaning everybody except me is seeing this here for the first time. I just took these pictures about 45 minutes ago...so here goes my San Diego Padres camouflage jersey...huh, yall can call me the DIY baller now!





sorry for the :censored:ty pic quality, all I can afford are them $15 keychain cams for now, but at least they're pictures...heh, as you can see, my jersey looks nothing like the real camos, and was never intended to. Actually, I'd initially had some old style camouflage and tried to make that into a Tony Gwynn with the old wordmark, but that aint pan out like I hoped, so I said screw it, on with the fantasy. Walmart had some digital camouflage for a buck a yard, so I copped that, and a while later when I got my ish together, I completed the jersey shell. Today I got around to putting the logos and lettering on...okay, so I ironed em on. laugh all you want, but when done right, the stuff I use STAYS on, no lie. I only wish I'd used twill sheets like I usually do, instead of this other stuff. I honestly have no idea what material I used for the lettering and logos, it didn't say on the package.

That, and I think even with the crappy resolution it's too noticeable: the navy I used looks way too much like royal blue. Comparing it to my Brewers caps, it looked too light. Nevertheless, it's wearable, so I'm probably gonna rock it on Saturday. Yes, people, I can finally show the world that I can get this ish done :hockeysmiley:

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I have a couple others I've done and still have on me: a green Fremantle Dockers Aussie rules jumper with #3 on the back that I made early in 05, and a yellow Vero Beach Dodgers jersey with a blue-green-blue placket stripe and my name and #95 on the back that I finished early last year...and yes, the front number on that one's red. Those two, and most of the rest I've tried my hand at, however, I screwed up noticeably. I don't wear either because something's wrong with both and it's too damn obvious...with the Dockers jumper, the back hem's uneven and as it was one of my early projects, of course I didn't iron anything on right, so everything's peeling off...and don't get me started on all the internal fraying. The Dodgers jersey, basically, I screwed up the width, so it's too damn tight, i damn near have to peel the thing off. Add to that, the neck is too damn big, I'd literally show cleavage if I wore only that jersey. Eh well, I plan on revisiting both someday, so all hope aint lost for either.

I finally got something I wouldn't be ashamed of because of an uneven hem or a ginormous collar for once :) and my next project is to finish this Alabama jersey I've been trying to get right for a minute. Ya think this is somethin, wait til you see that!

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and my next project is to finish this Alabama jersey I've been trying to get right for a minute. Ya think this is somethin, wait til you see that!

If it's houndstooth, I may be placing an order :D

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Perhaps, Discriminater, this board could use a mega-homemade thread. I've been using the idle time on the subway (half hour trip each way) to make four Astros-style "Ultrastripe" jerseys and a replica of the 1980 Tuscon Toros. I kid you not; I found something approaching 70s-era refrigerator avocado green (note the term "approaching"; there ain't nothing out there quite that color).

Pics to come.

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