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New York Islanders Rebranding


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Fantastic redesign. 4.5 stars. Like the others have said, add the lighthouse logo, and it will look perfect.

Instead of resurrecting all of these old topics, why don't you get yourself a hobby....like cutting yourself.

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This is just an absolutely fabulous concept, from the logos to the jerseys. I can't complain about anything here. My favorite is the logo set. Just awesome. I actually liked the old fisherman/lighthouse identity they had, but this blends it with the traditional Islanders to perfection. Unbelievable. I swear this is the kind of stuff that makes me wish teams held fan submission contests when they re-brand. Solid gold!

Now for the Bruins I would like to see a more modern look. Keep the spoke B, but update the jerseys and maybe add a new look bear alternate. Can't wait, because this one knocked my friggin' socks off!

**EDIT** well now I feel like a total tool, realizing how old this topic is... gotta remember to check next time lol, still great stuff though!

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Fantastic previews, DRutka. Those would look great in the game. Thanks for doing that.

I still love looking at your concepts on your site. Are you ever going to do any others?

fishheatcats, just to let you know the Bruins one was completed a long time ago.

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