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The football birds of Maryland get their turn now...


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I'm sorry if this has or hasn't been said yet, but I am NOT a fan of purple in sports. I welcomed the change from it to red last season with the Bucks, with open arms. Almost like seeing a long lost friend or old flame.

That being said, I LOVE this concept for the football team that plays in Baltimore. Every look is almost the same yet so different. When you have a 3 color scheme as part of the package, all three should be represented in the uni design. And you did a very good job at bringing that with this one. In the Homes, you captured the purple well. In the away, white took the forefront. The alternate brought black to the front, but you did a good job not making it overwhelm the set. Your choice of adding the white numbers and white yolks was amazing for it.

For the whole package, I like how you incorporated the wings in the logo into the unis. And the number fonts are really cool too.


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I love the black look, but I'd like to see maybe the Raven head on the helmet instead, as the helmet logo is so trash.

My only real complain are the pants. They don't seem to match anything else in the concept, the stripes. I'd maybe throw the winged look there too, with a strong purple insert, make the helmet purple with a different logo, and this would be incredible.

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I see quite a bit of the XFL's Chicago Enforcers uniform in this concept.

Chicago Enforcers Uniforms

really? aside from colors, i don't see much similarity...

Look a little closer. :shocked: There's more than just the colors.

I'm not saying they're identical nor the similarities intentional but the resemblance is there.

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