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Blue Jackets Concept


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To me, the black and the blue just go so poorly together that it throws off everything else.

Also, I'd use basically any of their other logos, as they all kill the one you used.

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To me, it's a step backward.

This concept does nothing to solve the 3 biggest problems with the Jackets' uniforms.

1. Black and navy shouldn't EVER be on the same uniform. As was said earlier, they go poorly together. They're just different enough so that the naked eye can discern the two, but so close as to essentially serve the same function. It looks like someone got lazy and didn't bother to make the dark color all the same shade.

2. Copperplate numbers? For a team playing in the top league in its sport in the world? Ick. Most self-respecting minor league teams know to avoid Copperplate, yet the Jackets thought that it would look good for an NHL team seeking to establish credibility.

3. The horrible player name font. Going with Copperplate here would have been a bad move, but it least it would have matched. Instead, they came up with this goofy-assed font that doesn't match the numbers, the crest or the wordmark. Moreover, it uses the lowercase "m" and "n" as uppercase letters, which is unspeakably garish.

The Jackets need a do-over. This didn't fix anything, and the few changes that were made aren't enough to remedy the bigger problems with their look. Sorry.

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