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Memphis Redbirds identity concept


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Yes, this is the culmination of my project, the Memphis Redbirds. First off, thank everyone who helped on and off the boards. I would have given if not for those ever so helpful critiques. This was fun. In case you wanted to see, here is there current set, a mere knock-off of their parent team, St. Louis.

Memphis Redbirds current set

And now, for the moment you've been waiting for...

Memphis Redbirds new logoset

Memphis Redbirds new unis

I wanted to give a slight nod to the Cards without copying. I don't know for sure who said it, but thanks for the idea to perch the little guy on a baseball.

As always, c & c is much wanted. Thanks again. Looking forward to my next project...

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The script is pretty good. I like it a lot. But the bird itself is too close to the actual one, and therefore doesn't fit. It really makes yours look kinda tacky and cheap (no offense). If you had the bird in a different position, it'd be a lot better. But right now, as is, it just looks like some lacking rip-off of the St. Louis bird. I personally like them using St. Louis's, but if you could come up with one that was more different and not so similar, with the script and piping on the uniforms that you used, it'd probably be worth a change.

BTW, what font did you use for the wordmarks?

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I still think the bird needs some work, especially with its feet. I would also change the number font, but everything else is pretty good, and I think you really have something here. I love the wordmark.

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