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Marauders Logo Revisited


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I did this concept a while ago...probably about a year and a half at least. I got bored tonight and drew out a new idea. I'm a bit stuck at the moment, so some c&c would be great.


The problems I'm having right now are:

- The colors. Something's just not doing it for me right now, but I'm not sure where to go with it.

- The puffy shirt isn't reading right to me. Any ideas?

- The hat. I've been toying with different colors for the highlights. None seem to do the trick.

- Do I need more detail/shadows? By that, I mean, should I use darker reds/tan to give a bit more depth?

I'm still working on adding a few highlights on the "dark half" as well as the wordmark. Any help with the issues above or anything in general would be great. Thanks.

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The ruffles on the shirt seem to be right-of-center and interfere with the shadows. I would move them over to the left and have the shadow start more to the right, or I would make the lines more straight across and less "puffy."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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