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Old richmond spiders non-pc logo


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As many of you are no doubt aware, the University of Richmond's team name is the Spiders-- very unusual and very cool. Various logos and branding used by the teams include webs, spiders, etc.

However, years ago, in the late seventies/early eighties, I remember seeing a different UR logo that I've been unable to find since. The logo fit in more with Richmond's history as the capital of the Confederecy than having to do with spiders. It was clearly a more traditional, older logo, very cartoon-style, and features a man-like spider dressed in a Confederate colonel or general's uniform, complete with sabre at the side. It looked like something out of an old black and white 'Merrie Melodies' or 'Looney Tunes' cartoon. The spider stood upright on two legs, and the uniform jacket had six sets of arms. The spider was wearing a wide-brimmed cavalry type hat, not the typical Civil War infantryman's kepi, and I think two antennae were poking out.

I saw it in a football game program from Southern Miss. Richmond was one of their opponents that year, and they had a page listing opponents, each with a logo, etc.

Does anyone have ANY knowledge about this logo, or maybe a copy? I'd love to see it again...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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