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Carolina Panthers Concept


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I was thinking which team i should do a concept for next, and i got interested in the carolina panthers. my 1st. objective was too make a way too fit the logo in with the jersey in a not so radical way, but still something unique. Also i wanted to drop the current uniform design the panthers have with the stripes over the shoulders. There fore i placed the panther logo and then put carolina blue stripes coming out from both sides of the panther. It took some time and even though it isnt greatly executed its the best i can do in paint, and paint.net.

Next thing i did was decide to drop silver from the color scheme by making both home , and away jerseys have white pants, and white helmets. I think it turned out pretty good. i really like the way the white helmet looks. Please leave ways on how to improve the concept.


Also i realized i forgot a side view for the alternate jersey. if i do another update ill be sure to add that but it'd baiscally have the same pant style and everything.

c&c please

EDIT: gho-1.jpg

^theres the fixed version

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Please don't say that black box on the front of the home jerseys is supposed to be there. And why is the home jersey Navy when that color is nowhere else in the entire uniform set?

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i just want to let you guys know. that i wasnt aware of the black box. it seems like my monitor is a little out of whack with the brightness and things like that. i was just wondering where on my computer can i go to change that setting if i have a windows computer. If u guys could help me out than im definatly willing to change all the problems. Cuz everyones saying the home is dark blue while on mine its black. This is probably the reason i dont see the black box you guys pointed out.

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Here you guys go. The way it was always supposed to be. Thanks for all your help nwtrailtrekker. Looking at it now, that dark blue in the 1st concept isnt half bad. Now let me get your opinion on the concept.


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My suggestions

1) Find an original font

2) try and add minimal amts of silver to make the blue pop more?

3) Maybe make the blue outline thicker rather than my previous suggestion.

4) Make the numbers on the light blue jersey white.

5. Save as PNG if you did not.

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