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A friend of mine asked me to do a logo for him and i am charging him for it, but i want to put a watermark on it when i am done.

I know there are ways around it and i am sure if i sent him a sample he could find a way to screw me over (he ain't that great of a friend). Is there a technique i can use to make it so my logo can't be used till i give him the copy he pays for.

I bet y'all thought i was askin to remove it? haha nope, i want to make it so its impossible for the guy to get rid of it.

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I assume you plan on giving your friend a low-res, raster image with the watermark on it, right.

If you are designing the logo, then my guess is that your friend doesn't have the skill to remove the watermark. I wouldn't worry about it. Frankly, if they are such a :censored:ty friend, why do anything for them? Plus, if they are such a lousy friend, you should have made them pay earnest money up front.

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Sometimes you do things for people you don't quite trust because you need that person's resources.

He's one of those people.

And yeah, chances are, he has no idea how to remove the watermarks, so i'll get paid. I was just wondering what techniques you guys use to make sure watermark is something no one will ever get around.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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