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Whats wrong with this jersey?


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i have my eye on this roberto luongo canucks jersey. but something on it doesnt seem right, (the nameplate, the colors, the authenticity of the crest/patches, the material, and most of all the way it looks turned inside out.

could anyone here who has a good eye for jerseys tell me what, if anything is wrong about this jersey?

its just, right now its at 99 cents, so i gotta wonder..


thanks guys!

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It looks like the blue in the shoulder patch is the lighter blue that the Canucks use, and it is supposed the same navy blue as the jersey is. I'm not sure about the rest of the jersey, but the material doesn't look right.

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1. The shoulder logos are the wrong color.

2. The silver stripes are supposed to be made of dazzle (the shimmery fabric seen mostly in the Predators uniforms and NFL jerseys)

3. There is no Koho/RBK that this jersey used while using that shoulder logo.

4. There may or may not be an NHL shield on the back hem of the jersey (which he conveniently cuts off the bottom of the picture obscuring that part of the jersey).

The material of the jersey looks like it could be the Ultrafil that Vancouver did wear up until 2003, so it could be the correct material, and the name font, as large as it actually is, looks accurate.

I can't really say that that jersey is black. It could just be the lightning. Then again for $0.99, it's a damn good deal on a fairly decent knockoff of the best jersey Vancouver ever had.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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That's just not "right", is it? Not a bad try, but it's not an CCM/Koho/Reebok licensed jersey. The material of the body isn't correct, the material of the silver stripe isn't right, the color of the shoulder logos aren't right, the fact they won't ship it to Canada isn't right. The black color is just too black (not "blue" enough), the shades of the red & blue stripes look to light.

Still, not a terrible attempt and, unless the price shoots up, perhaps worth a go up to a certain price if your willing to live with the inaccuracies you already know about.

And if you win it, recieve it and don't like it, you can always relist it and offer to ship it to Canada and open it up to a much wider market, perhaps turning a profit in the end!

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i asked the guy a question. here is his response

Q: what company is this jersey made by?

A: This is a common question and I have no definite answer as the jersey does not have any logo or brand name stitched onto it anywhere and there is no tag on the jersey either. It is unquestionably the quality of an authentic however, featuring double-stitching,custom pro stitched letters, and attached fight strap.

bull :censored: this jersey is authentic, for every reason mentioned by all of us. but whatever, still worth it.

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