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Bucks Logo Concepts


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When the Bucks changed logos last summer, lots of people seemed a little disappointed. Some people were furious. Some people thought that it was a change for the better, but it seems that the Bucks still get kicked around and accused of having a "bad" logo.

So I took it upon myself to make a change. I didn't know where to start, so I looked at the figures:

Of the 12 people or animal logos in the NBA:

- 6 are mounted on some sort of "plaque"-like shape

- 4 of those are mounted on a circle or incorporate a circle into the plaque

- 7 total contain basketballs

- 5 logos show the whole body of the person or animal

- 1 more shows the person's arms and torso

And of course

- 3 do not fit any of these: Chicago Bulls, Memphis Grizzlies, and Minnesota Timberwolves (although they are kind of on a plaque)

Of these remaining 3 logos, 2 of them are stylized, especially as it pertains to shading on the face (Grizzlies and Timberwolves). That was the thought behind these:



-Stylized logo to look like Timberwolves and Grizzlies, 2 of the 3 "head" logos

-Took it off of a triangular plaque -- looking like a hunted deer is not going to intimidate anyone

-Brought down the chest a little

Also, I know the wordmark is a bit rough, but I traced it myself in Flash and I'm still learning.

This next one incorporates a type of circular mount, modeled primarily after the Dallas Mavericks.


It looks a little bland, but I really didn't work as long on this one.

Also, I know, I can't draw deer. But if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it, please tell me and I will work on it again soon.

C+C is always welcome.

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The top versions are alright. Drop the black "shadow" line and it will look cleaner. I'm not sure if it's a real improvement, it's just a different version.

nyy3351 hit it on the head by calling the last one "christmas-y." Although if you're going to change the logo, perhaps a redesign is necessary. I suppose the biggest gripe about the current logo is that the buck looks like it's mounted from a hunt. Some sort of motion could be in order. If the buck was looking like it was going to "buck" that would give the sort of edge that people unhappy with the current look what they want. Of course it's much more work if you take that route. If you want you shoule play around with that idea.

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Now that I look at it, the bottom one is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I guess I didn't explain that well: the top two are more like a "finished" product, and the bottom one is more of a sketch. If I lost the ball (or the mistletoe), then it would look too plain. Any suggestions for what to do?

Also for the bottom one, I originally had it looking one direction and its back wasn't shown. I had some trees or something on the left side in the circle, so I basically thought against that.

I also had an idea for an action logo (facing straight forward, jumping over the wordmark), but Sterling84 did one a lot like that, and it received mixed reviews.

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The 2nd one is perfection, plain and simple.

The 3rd one would be a funny change-of-pace, like as an arena scoreboard animation or something on a web site, but not as an official insignia.

Man, I really love that 2nd one. Bravo.

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I would like to reserve final judgement for until I see these without the "shadow line," but so far, I'm not sure these are upgrades. If anything, they're completely linear to what they have now. The problem with your (and the current) logo is that they look like Bango's head is mounted on some redneck's wall. I tend to think that when your logo shows (or implies) that your team's mascot is dead, that's not quite the image you should want for your team.

Personally, I'd like to see a Bucks logo that plays off the "DEER XING" signs that are on Wisconsin's highways. That at least plays off the fact that Bucks are fearless creatures.

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Yea I like the top 2 a lot. The only thing I'd do is get rid of the black line that seperates the shadows. [like in the wordmark, there's no seperating line]

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