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Quebec Aces


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I have been doing this project about what would have happened instead of the NHL expansion, the US and Canadian teams split and entered a European type of league with different divisions. I am crazy I know and it probably makes no sence to you, but it did spawn this idea. One thing I tried to do with the project was to take real existing teams around 1968-1970 era and incorporate them into my system. I took the Quebec Aces from the AHL in to the Canadian Premiere League. So here it goes...





The crest logo is the one the actual team wore at the time of the 60's and 70's. I didn't change it because I thought it was cool. I used that and this picture for the colors of the jersey


I used some black but the way it is on the original jersey is weird. I used the four suits of playing cards on the bottom. It may remind some of the Nordiques, I guess it was some inpiration from there, but I didn't not intend to rip them off. The font is the Islanders, no real reason, nice and simple. And finally the hardest decision I made was the shoulder patch. Originally I just had an A there, but then it hit me to have a playing card. I chose the Ace of Spades because it is recognizeable and usually has the company's name on it in the deck, plus I love metal and Motorhead kicks much ass. This is my second concept and I made it on paint (not an excuse, just FYI) and C & C is welcomed.

P.S. - I did not mean to steal neopranksters thunder with his Aces concept. I had been working on this when I saw his post a few mins. ago.

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I saw the AHL Aces play many times in Rochester against the Amerks. Ah yes, No. 15-Cleland "Keke" Mortson. I remember him well. Great work, but you need to put some Kelly Green in there somewhere. My favorite Quebec Aces jersey was the White with the UCLA sleeve insert of Red/Kelly Green/Black. Their socks had Kelly Green patches on the knees. There's a Quebec Aces historical website. Go to wikipedia, type in Quebec Aces and go to the external link for the website. It tells the history of the team name, has photos (some in color) of the different uniforms and other information. I always felt the Nordiques SHOULD have been called the Aces.

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