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United Football League


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Bill Hambrecht, a Wall Street businessman, and Tim Armstrong, a senior executive at Google, have decided to start up a rival football league, the United Football League, according to a report on the New York Times web site Wednesday.

For those worried that the UFL will lack name recognition, Hambrecht and Armstrong already have one owner lined up: Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Does anyone know anything about this league yet, cities, teams, owners? Has this been a previous topic? I did a search but didn't turn up anything.

I love my NFL, but I am always a sucker for another WFL, USFL or XFL. I held out not liking arena football as long as I could but now I must admit I am a fan.


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Found this article on cnnsi.com

Billionaire Cuban backing upstart league

Posted: Thursday May 31, 2007 06:59AM ET

Mark Cuban's passion for taking on the establishment has led him to take on one of America's most intimidating and monopolistic institutions: The NFL. The Mavericks' owner is first in line to be a franchise owner in the proposed United Football League. The league, still in its embryonic stage, would feature eight teams in non-NFL cities. Cuban apparently would be in line to own the franchise in Las Vegas.

Dallas Morning News

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What I don't get is that these billionaires and the College presidents who want to found the AAFL don't get together. The AAFL concept is solid, a Spring schedule could work, but maybe tweak a little to have enough teams, add some of the major markets. The UFL will fail, the AAFL will fail, but a combined league, with NCAA clout, Billionaire funding and a mix of major markets and major-NCAA markets could be very successful.

Picture a 12 team league, in Spring, with regional NCAA talent and some Non-cap players who could be NFL caliber.

Los Angeles (all-SoCal and Arizona Players)

San Jose (NoCal, Nevada, Oregon, players)

San Antonio (Texas players)

Salt Lake (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, NM and most of Mountain states)

Birmingham (1/2 of SEC teams)

Orlando (Florida players)

Raleigh (NC, SC, VA, WV, some TN)

Louisville (KY, OH, IN, MO)

Columbus (OH, PA, MI, IL, etc.)

Indianapolis (IN, IL, WI, IA, MI-- an NFL city but no MLB)

New Jersey (Lots of Big East, ACC)

New England (Big East, ACC and mid-majors---play at UConn's new place)

Iffiest teams on East coast, due to sports proliferation. Could be replaced by teams in Memphis, Oklahoma or Portland.

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